Friday, January 09, 2015

Hello, world!


Hello there everybody:)..
so this idea had been crossing my mind nonstop ..I'm a teenager as u know and well ..u can say I'm quite a food lover, i love reading , watching and listening to stuff that include food , mostly i adore tasting different types of food ,from different regions and countries.. so yes i thought about doing this blog to all the food soldiers out there who are like i see those days many teenagers 'including my friends' are quite really bad at any activity that involves food so this blog goes out to them too.. I'm going to give all of u some new,easy,healthy and delicious recipes and cooking tips to help teenagers to be good at cooking, I'm also quite good at photography, so you would see some good photos that are all taken by me. hope you'll support this blog and enjoy every bit of its delicious food. xx

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