Sunday, May 31, 2015

Two Avocado recipes

Avocado is very good, as it's a great source of vitamin C,E,K and B6
So I decided to give you two recipes that contain avocado, so let's start ;)

The first recipe is my ultimate favorite, is basically a dipping sauce that consists of avocado and other stuff, and it's unbelievably delicious, to make it you will need:
  • One peeled avocado
  • Two table spoons of yogurt 
  • One clove of Garlic
  • Lemon juice as much as you want
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
IN a food processor add all the ingredients apart of the oil, mix them for a couple of minutes, then slowly add the oil till has a creamy texture. that's it ;)

you can dip almost everything with it,, but my favorite choice is bread chips.

The second recipe is as easy as the first,, it's an avocado sandwich,,and it's every good for breakfast,,all you need will be:
  • Two slices of Toast 
  • Half an avocado
  • One tomato
  • One egg

FIRST of all,, cook the egg in the way you love, dice up the tomato and the avocado, and toast the bread if you want.

ASSEMBLE your sandwich ingredients, and enjoy it.

And that's it,, thanks for reading, hope you guys enjoyed them.
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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Chocolate truffles


So, today's recipe is very simple yet still elegant, chocolaty, and rich.
And with all that elegance, it only needs two ingredients, so, yo make it you will need:
  • One cup of  heavy cream
  • Two cups of semi sweet chocolate
  • Cocoa powder to decorate 
  • Coconut 
  • Crushed hazelnut
First heat up your cream till it simmer - make sure to not let it burn-, and while it's heating up, start chopping the chocolate -it's very important to use a chocolate that has a high percent of cocoa, so both dark chocolate and semi sweet chocolate are good- make sure to chop the chocolate evenly, because you don't want big chunks and smaller chunks,also make sure to use a serrated knife to get the best result after chopping.

When everything is ready, in a bowl, pour your hot cream to your chopped chocolate and wait about five to ten minutes before you start stirring, this will help the chocolate to melt evenly, so you won't be getting un-melted chunks of chocolate later.

.After ten minutes, start whisking until it's nicely combined.

 Scrape the mixture into a flat dish, smooth it out, then put it in the fridge for thirty minutes until it's nice and firm and we can shape them into truffles.

After thirty minutes, use a small ice cream scoop - or a tea spoon if you don't have the correct size- you must use some pressure to be able to create small nice balls.

Place them into a baking sheet with a parchment paper on it, then put them again in the fridge to set for about ten minutes.

Finally, with your hand shape them to get the perfect ball shape, then drop them into some cocoa powder to coat them. - you can also use chopped nuts, coconut, or even powder sugar to coat your truffles-.

And that's it. thanks for reading,,hope you guys enjoyed the recipe,
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Friday, May 22, 2015

Family day out | Journey with Restaurants Episode 2


It seemed that you liked episode one so much, so I came today with episode two,hoping you enjoy it as you did with episode one.
Today I had a family day out which i rarely have:(, that's why I went with my beloved family to the Avenues which you can tell that it's my favourite place ever!;)
I went for some shopping,then I had my lunch at "Olive Garden" it's kinda popular so I will talk about the meal immediately.

First of all,they have the BEST Caesar salad & garlic bread I've ever eaten in my whole life, honestly, I go there just to have them!

They also have some delicious soups, but whenever I go there, (aka a lot!), I always get their cream chicken soup ( I believe it's called like this.)

For the main dish,,I had a Lasagna dish,,I forgot what is it called,but it's actually an appetizer, the reason I chose an appetizer instead of a main course is that olive garden's food is extremely filling!!, and with the creamy soup, it's just more filling!
In general, that lasagna thing was literally the best pasta dish I've ever eaten in my whole life!!
It was very light and flavorful and I just loved it.

So, this is the end of episode two,thanks guys for reading,I hope you enjoy it, if you have any request or question leave it down bellow, make sure to follow so you don't miss any post ;)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Announcement !


Well,, summer has officially started,* yaayy!!* and if your summer hasn't yet, I wish you all the good luck in your exams.:)
I just wanted to say that since summer has started, I will be posting more and more stuff ,and you will see my posts more often ;)
I would also like to post the things that you really love, so do not hesitate to send me your comments and requests, and it will be my pleasure to follow them and I really want to know your opinions and  what do you think of the new design of the blog,- that is really important-

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Friday, May 01, 2015

A day with the Mum | journey with Restaurants Episode 1

Several days ago, I had my breakfast and lunch outside.. so I thought of making a review about the meals and the restaurants in general within a series called 'Journey with food' which I really hope you guys like it and enjoy it, lets start!


I had my breakfast in a little restaurant called 'early bird' -Jabriya, Block 1A, Street 6-
It's an American cuisine with a small amount of tables and a very nice decoration I tried two dishes there, the first one was six slices of french toast, it was very delicious and I highly recommend it.

I really don't remember the name of the second dish, but it was a choice of two eggs - like you choose the way you want your eggs to be: scrambled, omelet, boiled, etc- with potato and either bacon or sausage.. I chose sausage,, the order kinda went wrong with me,, but it saw good anyways.


for lunch, I had a slice of rib-eye with fries and veggies and peach iced tea in a restaurant called 'Texas roadhouse' in the grand avenues,, the restaurant was cool and has a nice view for the mall,,the teak was incredible and the veggies were perfectly cooked and I really enjoyed it. 

Thanks guys for reading ;D
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