Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Chocolate truffles


So, today's recipe is very simple yet still elegant, chocolaty, and rich.
And with all that elegance, it only needs two ingredients, so, yo make it you will need:
  • One cup of  heavy cream
  • Two cups of semi sweet chocolate
  • Cocoa powder to decorate 
  • Coconut 
  • Crushed hazelnut
First heat up your cream till it simmer - make sure to not let it burn-, and while it's heating up, start chopping the chocolate -it's very important to use a chocolate that has a high percent of cocoa, so both dark chocolate and semi sweet chocolate are good- make sure to chop the chocolate evenly, because you don't want big chunks and smaller chunks,also make sure to use a serrated knife to get the best result after chopping.

When everything is ready, in a bowl, pour your hot cream to your chopped chocolate and wait about five to ten minutes before you start stirring, this will help the chocolate to melt evenly, so you won't be getting un-melted chunks of chocolate later.

.After ten minutes, start whisking until it's nicely combined.

 Scrape the mixture into a flat dish, smooth it out, then put it in the fridge for thirty minutes until it's nice and firm and we can shape them into truffles.

After thirty minutes, use a small ice cream scoop - or a tea spoon if you don't have the correct size- you must use some pressure to be able to create small nice balls.

Place them into a baking sheet with a parchment paper on it, then put them again in the fridge to set for about ten minutes.

Finally, with your hand shape them to get the perfect ball shape, then drop them into some cocoa powder to coat them. - you can also use chopped nuts, coconut, or even powder sugar to coat your truffles-.

And that's it. thanks for reading,,hope you guys enjoyed the recipe,
if you have any question or request, please leave it in the comments bellow.

Have a nice day, Bye ©

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