Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Girls Night in food ideas

Hey guys,

Yesterday I had a Girls Night in with one of my best friends, we did tons of stuff, watched a movie, had so much fun and ate SO SO SO MUCH!!, so i decided to share with you some of the food we had and give you food ideas that you can make when you have a GNI or even a movie night. lets begin.

The first thing is for sure 'popcorn'. and I've got a new way for you to eat it.

In a bowl, add in your salted popcorn, add caramel sauce and chocolate sauce, mix them for a bit, and you're done. this is the easiest way to make salted caramel popcorn. and it tastes delicious. 

 The second thing you can do is'trail mix' and you can go creative with it as there's no specific recipe for the trail mix, so you can make your own combination of whatever you want, you can add nuts, mini marshmallows, candy, dried fruits, chocolate. literally whatever you want.
our trail mix contained salted popcorn, two kind of cornflakes and pretzels 

Other thing you can do, is making a dipping sauce. all you need to make this recipe is two ingredients, feta cheese + a juice of half a lemon.

START with mashing your cheese using a fork.

NEXT add the lemon juice, mix them till it they become 'a smooth liquidy paste', just like this.

*If the amount of the juice wasn't enough, squeeze the other half of the lemon or add tiny bit of water till it reaches the consistency we want*

 with this sauce you can dip probably everything. I like to dip carrots, cucumbers, and apples. believe it or not, it tastes AMAZING with the apples especially that sweet kind of apples.

For drinks, I thinks iced coffee is perfect. I've written the recipe here before, so if you're interested in making it, go and check it out. ;)

And that's it, thanks for reading,, hope you enjoyed it.

If you want me to do more of this, tell me in the comments below ;)
Also if you recreate any if the recipes, make sure to tweet me a picture of what you made @saraelnakhal . that would make me so happy.

Have a nice day, Byee.

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