Monday, July 20, 2015

Midnight Hunger

If you ever felt extremely hungry in the middle of the night, and wanted a healthy yet hearty meal, and you had no idea what to eat, then here you have 6 ideas for healthy midnight snacking.

Baked potato

weather it's baked or boiled, potato can be such a great healthy option for midnight hunger, with little bit of butter,olive oil, salt and pepper and lemon. 
*Tip: never ever ever ever put your baked potato in the fridge, otherwise it will harden.

Dip and dip
cucumbers, toasted bread, and my signature white sauce recipe can make such a good treat, also for watching movies!
 you can find my white sauce recipe here

Dark Chocolate 
The darker the better. the ones made with at least 70% cocoa contain less sugar and more antioxidants than the milky ones.

A handful of raw almonds never hurt no one!

Dried figs
Thee of four for the chewy, candylike fruit should be a trick.;)

Crackers and cheese 
If you're a chips fan, then this is totally a healthy replacement !

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