Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Morning Gathering

Earlier today I had some of my friend over, so I thought of showing you the food I served them.

I started with  homemade no machine ice cream. it's very easy and all you need to make it is whipping cream and condensed milk -one package of each-

start with whipping your cream until you reach soft peaks, then add the condensed milk and mix again till it's nice and light and fluffy.
  Now the base is ready, it is very important that the cream and the condensed milk are really cold, so make sure that you put them in the fridge 24 hours before you make it.

Now,you can make any flavour you want.
For my ice cream I added  berry jam, and few drops of strawberry extract, -which you can find anywhere- 

After adding the flavours, stir it a bit until it's totally mixed.

 Put your ice cream in a container and freeze it for at least  six hours before you're able to eat it.

As well as Tea and Pastry 

For the dessert I made red velvet cake, and to be totally honest with you I made it using a cake mix. personally I think -for the red velvet- it's better to make it using a cake mix.
I also served it in a unique way!

Hope you enjoyed!
Thanks for reading,Bye ©

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