Friday, August 21, 2015

Top Tips for Successful Cooking

 I thought today of sharing with you some top tips for successful cooking, which hopefully will help you to develop :D

1. Have a clean place.
It is very important have a clean place whilst cooking, as you don't want to be falling over unwashed plates and having a whole mess, I make a lot of mess when I cook -ask my mom!- so it's a must for me to have a clean surface. 

2. preparation.
Think about everything you could need before you start and get it out first. whether it's an ingredient or a tool. preparation makes a huge difference, 

3. Make small portions.
If you are trying a recipe for the first time and you  have no idea how would it taste, make a small portion first and try it. this will help you not to end up with uneaten food!

4. Have Fun.
Cooking is a way of stress relieving, so make sure to enjoy and  have fun the next time you cook ;)

5. Use alternatives.
It's not the end of the world if you don't have cake flour for example, all purpose flour can always do the job.

6. Don't be afraid to get creative.
When you're reading the ingredients for a recipe and find an ingredient that you don't like or have, don't hesitate to change it as your liking ;)

7. Always ask for help.
If you ever find it hard to do something, just ask for help.

8. Always follow the rules.
When the recipe says preheat the oven, preheat it. things that must be in room temperature, make sure that they are, and so on.

9. Start with the hardest.
When there are so many steps in the recipe, start with the hardest or the most complicated.

10. Never give up.
Try and try until you become professional, and never give up.

Have a nice day ©

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