Saturday, August 01, 2015

Turkish Dinner | Episode 3

Yesterday I had dinner with my family in Turkish restaurant called "Kôsèbàśį"which is all about Turkish grills.
we quite like tha Turkish food and the Turkish culture and everything Turkish  , so we were so excited t try it, and it was so good as we expected it.

Starting with the appetizers, we had Humus and aubergine with yoghurt.
they were so good and delicious.

Also as good culinary service, they brought us bread and olives and pickles along with the dishes we ordered.

The Main Course

Yoghurt Kebap
My second favourite Turkish food ever!
This dish was supposed to feed 3 people, who were me and my two sisters, I loved it so so much, and it was soooo good! (highly recommended !)

- and for those who don't know this dish, it's basically, grilled meat, yoghurt, toasted bread, and tomato sauce-

The rest of the dishes weren't mine, but i thought of showing you everything ;)

This is basically mixed grills, served with cooked groats.

small grilled pieces of meat.


For drinks I had mint lemonade as always and it was so good 

Overall Rating : it was a quiet, nice restaurant,beautiful decorations, nice  staff and I loved it a lot basically.

Thank for reading, if you ever went there tell me in the comments, also tell me what do you think.

Have a nice day,Bye ©

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