Friday, October 09, 2015

Chicken with sumac and tomato sauce

 Have you ever wanted a quick lunch idea, or even for dinner? I GOT YOU !

the chicken seasoning 
  • one chicken breast 
  • one tsp sumac 
  • one tsp dried thyme
  • one tbsp olive oil
For the tomato sauce:
  • one canned tomato 
  •  a pinch salt and pepper 
  • tsp oregano 

1. Season the chicken with sumac and thyme and rub it all together with some olive oil.

2. This chicken breast will be grilled, so heat up your grill and drizzle some olive oil.

3. Add the chicken and let it cook for five minutes on one side.

4. In the meanwhile, start making the sauce.

4A. Add the canned tomato to a sauce pan.

4B. Add the spices, stir,and let it simmer.

5. After five minutes, flip over the chicken and let it cook for more five minutes on the other side.

 After five minutes everything should be done, the chicken should be fully cooked and tender inside, and the sauce should be think, smooth and glossy. 

I went with cooked rice, but of course you can serve it however you want.

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