Friday, November 27, 2015


      Don't you miss my restaurants visits ? me too, so this post is a little review about the place I had lunch at today.

       It's called Layla from Lebanon ( Layla is a girl name in Arabic), located in the cube mall in Al-Salymiya, and it is a Lebanese restaurant.

The place is so so beautiful and cute and I loved it so much.


     For the food, I've been having appetisers as my main course instead of a large dish that I won't be able to finish. my choice was "manti" which is an Armenian specialty consists of kafta dumplings dipped in tomato sauce and yoghurt. 

        The other food we had was basic Lebanese food, but the most important item for we was a type of appetisers  which called "muhammara" which is basically crushed walnuts with other ingredients, and it tastes incredible.

           Alongside other delicious dishes... 

So this was my visit to Layla from Lebanon, if you even been there, don't hesitate to tell me:) 

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