Thursday, December 31, 2015


The new year is not almost here, nor around the corner, it has actually arrived and knocking the door, but you need to wait little bit before you open the door for it.

I won't be talking about celebrations and these stuff, all I'll be talking about is how to be the one you want to be in 2016. I once heard that people love the concept of new years just because the new beginning motivates them to achieve and score, and it means a new life, so they love it to start all over again from the zero and make the right decisions and live right and peacefully.

The new year is not about the numbers, it's about living the way you want, so set your new year's resolution and do your best to achieve them, share them with your friends and get motivated, feel happy while achieving them, always believe that you're doing the right thing and make your January your lucky month, no ! make every single day your lucky day, make it a day of achievement, success, happiness and satisfaction. don't wait for the world to be ready, be the one who will make that huge change to the world and never belittle your spontaneous thoughts, those may be the bit that will turn your life up side down,for the better hopefully.

I wish you all a lovely new year and I hope you'll be able to achieve all your aims and goals.

best wishes, and good luck©

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