Monday, February 15, 2016


       In case you don't know what ramen is, it's basically a Japanese kind of noodles which has so many nutritional values, and it's delicious you can't resist it *mmm*

This dish is a left-over dish, which means you can use any vegetable you have, and any left over protein source (aka chicken, beef, turkey...) 


- One pack of instant ramen
- One carrot 
- One small onion 
- A handful of broccoli 
- Cooked chicken breast 
- Soy sauce 
worchestire sauce


1. Dice up the onion, peel, and slice the carrot into long thin strips.

2. In a hot wok drizzled with a bit of vegetable oil, stir together the carrot and the onion.

3. while the carrot is being cooked, steam the broccoli in salted water, and cook the ramen in salted water too. - the ramen takes 11 minutes to be done- 

4. Add the chicken to the carrot and stir again.

5. remove the carrot mixture from the wok, and drizzle it with soy and worchestire sauce.
    at that time the broccoli and  should be done, so remove it too.

6. To serve, take a handful of the ramen straight from the pan you cooked it in, letting some of the cooking water to seep through and put it in a small bowl, add the carrot and chicken, and top it with the broccoli, drizzle soy sauce one more time, and you're done.