Friday, March 04, 2016


   When It comes to eating healthily, I'm a geek, although I don't have that perfect body, nor that overwhelming diet. But the thing is that you should be aware of what you put in your tummy, fill it with goodness and you'll shine. Load it with crap, and chances are, you'll feel crap ( after the initial five minutes of pleasure has worn off) !

      So lately I've changed my eating style and replaced a lot of foods with much better alternatives and added some pretty good stuff to my daily routine, so I'll be sharing my -eating healthily- experience in three posts, this one will be the snacks I eat, or lets say the not main meals part, the second will be my breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the third one will be my detoxing experience and the recipe I drink and how to do it, etc..

So now let me show what I eat in a day...

1. When I first wake up:
We all now that it is important to drink a cold cup of water as soon as we wake up; to improve the metabolism and stuff, but a addition here is honey, yes honey.
Honey water is the best thing ever, and you will now why is a minute, basically you only need a cup of warm water and add about two tea spoons of honey, stir them well and that's it.

-  helps losing weight
-  gives a natural shine to the skin
-  Improves the immunity 
-  stimulates the digestive process 
-  gives the body a great power for the day 
-  honey is good for those who have anemia 
-  It helps to stimulate the liver secretions
-  honey is antibacterial and fights acne 
-  It helps to hydrate your body throughout the day

2. Two hours after breakfast:
After breakfast in couple hours you need to fill your little tummy again, but not that much because you need some space for lunch, so the best snack to have at that time is nuts, and here the things I chose:
walnuts: good for the brain and increases intelligence 
almonds: lowers cholesterol 
raisins: antibacterial and taste good 
* the nuts are for sure raw, and you only need a handful of each one*

3. Three hours after lunch:
After refilling your little tummy with a heavy meal, three hours later you might feel hungry a bit again, so the best thing here to have is a collection of -almost- zero-calorie veggies which are, cucumber, carrot, lettuce, and bell pepper, these veggies are full of fiber, iron, and minerals, better then the best.!

4. Right before sleep:
This step is only for those who sleep early - between 8pm and 11pm- so if you want to get the best result, you gotta sleep early.
The thing is yogurt, yes yogurt with a squeeze of half a lemon. this mixture makes miracles, as 1. yogurt is a protein which is so good to have at night 2. lemon has vitamin C which helps the body soak the protein. this mixture activates a hormone that works best at night while sleeping and burns fat very well, so keep that in mind and don't forget to sleep early.

That's it for now, see you next week with part two.


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