Friday, June 10, 2016


  Om Ali is an Arabian dessert - means Ali's mother in Arabic-, I really don't know reason of calling it like this, but anyways it tastes amazing, in fact it's my alltime  favourite dessert, and it doesn't really need that much ingredients.

Om Ali is basically a pastry soaked in milk mixture and nuts and cooked in the oven, -usually served warm- the pastry is usually puff pastry or toast bread.

- 4 puff pastry squares 
- 1 cup milk 
½ cup cream 
¼ cup nuts, I only used walnuts, you can add dried fruits, almonds, cashews,raisins, whatever you like
- 1 tbsp cinnamon sugar - basically cinnamon mixed with sugar-

*This quantity is enough for 2-4 people*


1. First of all bake the puff pastry for 15 minutes until it's puffed and golden,then leave it to cool completely.

2. In a bowl, mix together all the other ingredients.

3. In an oven safe dish, break the pastry into little chunks, pour the milk mixture over and leave them ten minutes to soak up, top it ou with the walnuts. 

4. Finally bake them for 20 minutes, leave it a bit to cool, and then you have the best dessert ever.

Monday, June 06, 2016


  رمضان كريم..
عَسى أنْ يكونَ شهراً مليئاُ بالخير و الأجر و البركة, و عسى أن يعيننا الله على الصيام و القيام و يعيننا على الصبر و احتساب الأجر.

  Well basically, Ramadan is a month of happiness and goodness for us Muslims, as it's a month of fasting, spiritual reflection, and increased devotion.

  We know that this is the first day of fasting when a crescent of new month appears, and the fasting duration is from the dawn (before the sun rise) until the sun set, and during that, we do all kinds of Worship,( praying, reading Quran,..) we also refrain from doing, saying, or committing bad things.

The aim of fasting is to tame ourselves, to learn patience, and to feel the poor people.

 Plus, the reward of the good things we do is doubled, tripled, no, even more.

So my lovely readers, I might not be here for the rest of the month, and I might be, hope you have the best Ramadan ever, do good stuff and later until then. 💙

Friday, June 03, 2016


Yes I'm serious, watermelon in a salad, it's not a fruit saladز this is one of the things that you can't judge until you try.

- Watermelon portion
- White cheese 
- Red onion
- Olives 
- Lemon juice 
- Olive oil 
- Salt
- Sumac 

1. Chop up the watermelon into cubes

2. Add the cheese..

3. Add the onion - If you want to reduce the onion's strong flavour you can soak in lemon juice for a while-

4. Add the olives..

5. Mix the dressing ingredients and drizzle it over the lovely salad.